Brad LaVario

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About Brad LaVario:

My name is Brad LaVario. I am a junior/student front-end developer working in the Charleston, South Carolina area, specializing in HTML/CSS, PHP, and JS.

I created this website to show off some of my talents and give my future clients and/or employers an easy way to view my work.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you like my designs.


I started programming in the early 80's on a TI-99/4A. Through the years I have programmed in BASIC, COBOL, RPG400, C++, and HTML/CSS. I am currently working on sharpening my JavaScript and PHP skills, but at this time, I still consider myself a novice in JS. The graphics below are screenshots of some of my work.

You can also check out my pages on CodePen and GitHub.

Green Dragon Website 2011

b-radical designs 2000-2009

Neuropool 2000-2001


I have been working with Photoshop off and on since the early 90's. Back in the early days of HTML we did not have CSS to make websites "shiny", so we relied on many graphics to fill the gap. It was durring this time I became good at making banners,web graphics, and photo editing. Today CSS replaces many of the aspects that I used to make graphics for, but I sill do graphics for forum and blog purposes, as well as one of my hobbies, fantasy cartography, where you make maps as artwork of fictional places. Below are samples of my work.

You can also check out my page on Deviant Art.

Fantasy Cartography

Web Graphics



My songs hosted on SoundCloud.

I started out playing bass when I was a teenager and quickly moved to keyboards, guitar, and writing electronic music. To date I have written over 100 songs, mostly ambient/soundtrack type pieces. Here is a small sample of some of my more recent compositions.

You can also check out my page on SoundCloud.


Drop me a line...

-or- email me at blavario@yahoo.com